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In hopes of preserving the history of our program we ask those interested members to contribute to our collection of knowledge about our history. This can only be possible with the help of those who were there or have learned from their sponsors and others who came before them.
All suggestions are welcome and will be considered
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This form is also available in PDF format if you would prefer to print, complete, and mail to the address below
History Book Project Preliminary Interview Form
What is your name ?
When did you first get clean ?
How did you first find Narcotics Anonymous ?
How long have you been clean now ?
What had the most impact on your early recovery ?
Where was your first meeting held ?
What was the name of that group ?
Is that meeting still going on today ?
Were you involved in getting NA going in your Area ?
Were you part of starting any early meetings that are still going ?
Were you involved in any of those meetings that have since folded ?
Could tell us about some memorable meetings ? if so when ?
How many meetings have you been involved with since you got clean ?
What can you tell us about the PNW Region becoming multiple Regions ?
Who could tell us more about that subject ?
What can you tell us about the start of your Area or Region ?
Were you involved in the forming of these Areas or Regions ?
Do you recall any of the dates these took place ?
Did you have help from any others who are still around ?
What can you tell us about your first Convention ?
Were you or any others who are still around on the committee ?
Do you remember any of the speakers at these events?
What are some other things that helped to make NA happen ?
Could you tell us about your first Service Position ?
What was your most memorable Service Position ?
Did you help to change the Service Structure in NA ? if so How ?
Were you part of any Service Committees that are no longer exist ?
Can you tell us about any previous events that no longer happen ?
Were you involved in any firsts in NA ? if so what were they ?
Were you involved in starting any H&I meetings in your Area ?
Do you know of any institutions that will not let us in ? why ?
Were there any people you recall helped bring NA into institutions ?
Is there anything else you can tell us about H&I Service?
Can you tell us about getting your first NA literature ?
What do you know about the first meeting schedules you used ?
Did you ever use schedules from the World Service Office ?
Were you involved with the writing of any of our literature ?
What can you tell us about literature in the early days ?
Were you involved in making our basic text ? how ?
Do you know anyone whose story is published in our basic text ?
What about the controversy creating five editions of our text ?
Do you know anything about the Bootleg Basic Text "Baby Blue" ?
What do feel were the biggest advancements NA has made ?
What were fellowships biggest mistakes made in the early days ?
What good, if any, came from those mistakes ?
What really made things happen in your first few years in NA ?
In writing about PNW NA recovery whose story would you include ?
Would you be willing to interview them for this project ?
Would a history book benefit the NA fellowship in the Pacific Northwest ?
Do you know anyone that could have significant input for this book ?
Would you be willing to interview them ?
Are there any questions you would add to this interview form ?
Are there any questions you feel should not be here ?
What do you think of a project like this ? any suggestions ?
Do you find this project insulting or needing to be changed ?
Would you be willing to help with this project ? how ?
Would you interview members whom only you may have access to ?
Would you be interested in serving on this committee ?
I release all interest in the content of this information ·
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